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What we do

We build health into the workplace by giving organizations a roadmap and tools to tackle serious mental health issues in the workplace.  

Who we are

Workplace Mental Health Solutions, a consulting program of the University of Michigan Eisenberg Depression Center, is comprised of a group of leading mental health professionals and award-winning educators led by Sagar Parikh, M.D., FRCPC, and Michelle Riba, M.D., M.S., together with professionals from business, mental health nursing, psychiatry, psychology, and program evaluation. We transform the serious tenets of psychiatry and psychology into practical processes in the workplace. We are in the unique position of having expertise in developing and presenting mental health education, training, and skill-building sessions to a variety of audiences including employees and managers, students, faculty, and staff.  

How we do it

We begin by talking to leadership about organizational challenges and goals. As needed, we conduct surveys and focus groups which lead to customized presentations, workshops, as well as tailored communication and education strategies. Training involves educational lectures, interactive exercises, and small breakout sessions. Learning new skills and practicing them are a key part of training. We provide ongoing consultation and coaching to leaders to ensure the successful implementation of new mental health strategies and programs. 

Specific offerings include:

o   Tailored Manager Training Workshops (Recognize & Respond: SKILLS Workshop)

o   Training Peer to Peer Supporters (Ambassador Training)

o   Mental Health Training for Employees (Recognize & Respond: BASICS Course)

o   Expert and Lived-Experience Talks

o   Coping Skills and Anti-Stigma Workshops

o   Educational Videos and Handouts

o   Ongoing Leader Coaching and Change Support

Building a Mental Health Strategy for Your Organization: A Comprehensive Solution

Organizations interested in building an overall strategy can begin with our Comprehensive Solution which involves a broad analysis of key issues for the organization, followed by multiple specific programs.  The goal is to allow employees to address significant stressors and mental health issues, rather than dwell on wellness alone. The overall strategy addresses developing a supportive culture around mental health, enterprise-wide mental health education, and various practical training programs, tailored ones for managers and universal programs enhancing coping skills for all.

Workplace Mental Health Solutions' "Top 5 Tips for Improving Workplace Mental Health"

Learn how your workplace can begin to implement strategies to improve employee mental health, and hear about our program and its key offerings below.


Key Programs



Created to provide key knowledge and vital skills to managers, this half-day training consists of educational lectures, interactive exercises, and small breakout sessions. Learning skills and practicing them in common employee problem situations are a key part of training.




A 2-hour course of basic mental health training for employees which explains common mental health problems and crises. Employees are taught how to spot an individual in distress and how to respond. Employees learn how to talk supportively to a distressed person and how to give them information about mental health resources. A key feature involves potential case scenarios, usually drawn from that specific workplace, that are presented and discussed in small breakout groups.



A full-day peer to peer training program that teaches employees how to help colleagues. Volunteer ambassadors take part in training on mental health problems, the role of an ambassador, confidentiality, effective communication skills including what to do in a crisis situation. Potential case scenarios are presented and discussed in small breakout groups. Ambassadors provide support and steer staff to helpful local resources.

To learn more about our offerings please contact our Business Development Lead, Laura O’Brien, at


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