About Us

The burden of depression continues to impact our community in profound ways. Unlike most other leading causes of death and disability in the U.S., rates of depression continue to soar, increasing threefold with the onset of COVID-19. 

Depression currently affects one in three Americans.
Only a fraction of these individuals will receive treatment that results in long-term relief.

In the U.S. alone, the economic impact of depression is more than $210 billion in medical and lost productivity costs.

Depression is prevalent and pervasive across our communities, often going undiagnosed or undertreated. As the leading cause of disability worldwide, depression is not only a personal hardship–it is a global burden.

We believe transformative change is needed to address this enormous impact. Whether it’s a case of postpartum depression or a life-long struggle with bipolar disorder–our communities and those suffering deserve better.
We deserve hope.  

The Frances and Kenneth Eisenberg Family Depression Center was established in 2001 as the first of its kind devoted entirely to bringing depression into the mainstream of medical research, translational care, education and public discourse. Today, our center is at the forefront in changing the paradigm of how depression is understood and treated. 

Our Vision

A meaningfully lower burden of depression and bipolar disorders.

Our Mission

To catalyze interdisciplinary, data-intensive collaborations that produce high-impact advances and rapidly translate advances to improve the mental health and quality of life for individuals suffering, their families and communities.