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Dec 2 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Junior Faculty Lectures

Dec 3 National Conferences: American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry

Dec 4 Depression Center Colloquium Series: Gut Feelings: Microbes, Mood and Metabolism

Dec 6 National Conferences: American College of Neuropsychopharmacology

Dec 8 Workshops & Support Groups: Campus Mind Works Support Groups

Dec 9 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Morbidity & Mortality Case Conference #2

Dec 16 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Sleep and neural circuitry underlying psychological resilience

Dec 17 Other: Prechter Bipolar Research Retreat: ID8

Jan 6 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Flora Hoodin, PhD

Jan 13 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: VA Presentation

Jan 27 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: MLK Lecturer, Waldo Johnson Jr., PhD

Feb 3 National Conferences: International Neuropsychology Society

Feb 24 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Personalized, Precision Treatments for Depressions: Why 'one size' treatment will never fit all

Mar 2 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Michelle Craske, PhD

Mar 9 National Conferences: American Association of Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Mar 16 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: 30th Annual Visiting Professor -- Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute

Mar 18 National Conferences: American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry

Mar 23 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Tyrone Cannon, PhD

Mar 30 National Conferences: American Association of Suicidology Annual Conference

Mar 30 Albert Barrett Neuroscience Lecture: TBD

Mar 31 National Conferences: Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Apr 6 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Paul Arnold, MD,PhD,FRCPC

Apr 13 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Kennneth S. Kendler, MD

Apr 14 National Conferences: American Society of Addiction Medicine

Apr 27 Albert J. Silverman Research Conference: Malaz A. Boustani, MD, MPH

May 4 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Abraham Palmer

May 5 National Conferences: Academy for Eating Disorders

May 12 National Conferences: Society of Biological Psychiatry

May 14 National Conferences: American Psychiatric Association

May 19 National Conferences: American Geriatrics Society

Jun 1 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Senior Paper Day

Jun 8 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Fellow Presentations