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Mar 30 Other: Flower Sale - Depression Center Volunteer Committee

Mar 31 Bright Nights Community Forums: Mobile Health Technology: Detecting Moods in Bipolar Disorder

Apr 1 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Taubman Scholar Lecture

Apr 1 Community Event: Mental Health Monologues

Apr 1 Workshops & Support Groups: Family Education Workshop

Apr 1 Community Event: speakABLE - a speech event to raise awareness of disabilities on campus

Apr 8 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: "The Role of Common Genetic Polymorphisms in Psychiatry"

Apr 8 Workshops & Support Groups: Depression & Bipolar Support Groups

Apr 14 Workshops & Support Groups: Campus Mind Works Support Groups

Apr 15 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Young children at-risk for anxiety disorders: The role of Behavioral Inhibition

Apr 16 Bright Nights Community Forums: Effective Coping Strategies

Apr 17 Depression Center Colloquium Series: Healthy Minds Network: Population-level Approaches to Adolescent and Young Adult Mental Health

Apr 22 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: TBD

Apr 22 Workshops & Support Groups: Depression & Bipolar Support Groups

Apr 29 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Dr. Zucker's Festschrift

May 2 Community Event: Mental Health Care Symposium

May 19 Bright Nights Community Forums: Understanding Bipolar Disorder

Jun 17 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: TBD