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Sep 3 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Imaging biomarkers of ECT response in major depression

Sep 10 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Determinants of drug preference in humans

Sep 24 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Jack & Nancy Westman Lectureship in Family & Community Psychiatry

Sep 29 Prechter Lecture: Deconstructing bipolar disorder: from the population to the clinic

Sep 30 Bright Nights Community Forums: The Impact of Academic Stress on Student Mental Health

Oct 1 Workshops & Support Groups: Family Education Workshop

Oct 8 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: 12th Annual Todd Ouida Clinical Scholars Lecture

Oct 29 Raymond W. Waggoner Lectureship: End of Life Discussions - How to Have Them

Oct 31 Depression Center Colloquium Series: A View of Bipolar Disorder through Diet and Metabolism

Nov 5 Workshops & Support Groups: Family Education Workshop

Nov 21 Depression Center Colloquium Series: Depression, PTSD, and Resilience: Pathways for Coping with Pregnancy and Newborn Loss

Dec 3 Workshops & Support Groups: Family Education Workshop

Dec 5 Depression Center Colloquium Series: Mood, Metabolism, and Motivational Brain Circuits

Jan 21 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: MLK Lecture

Jan 30 Depression Center Colloquium Series: The Impact of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms on Health

Feb 13 Depression Center Colloquium Series: Environment and Epigenetics

Feb 18 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: TBD

Mar 11 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Depression on College Campuses Conference

Apr 17 Depression Center Colloquium Series: Healthy Minds Network: Population-level Approaches to Adolescent and Young Adult Mental Health