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The Battle Against Depression

Addressing Mental Illness in the Workplace

Unique collaboration with the Ross School of Business explores how workplaces can better address this problem

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The Battle Against Depression

The Battle Against Depression: Let’s Talk About It

Veterans to be honored during event over Memorial Day weekend

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Who gets hooked on drugs & who stays clean?

Differences in vulnerability to cocaine addiction and relapse linked to both inherited traits and epigenetics, U-M researchers find

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Could a brain 'growth chart' spot attention problems early?

Could a brain "growth chart" spot attention problems early? New study suggests so

Brain imaging to measure development of a child’s brain networks may help predict who’s at risk

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When it comes to predicting depression, race may matter more than was thought, study suggests

Blacks’ answers to standard screening questions may not reveal risk as well

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Childhood trauma associated with worse impulse control in adulthood, U-M study finds

Abuse or neglect associated with worse executive function in adults, whether or not they have bipolar disorder

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Wally Prechter

Wally Prechter’s fight to cure bipolar disorder

Wally Prechter launched the fund that supports the world's most ambitious research into bipolar disorder.

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