Mental Health in the Workplace

This book offers a guide to better understanding models of workplace mental health, as well as best practices for mental health professionals, employee assistance groups, employers and employees alike. 


The cost of depression at the workplace is staggering, both in terms of absenteeism and productivity loss while at work, and in terms of human and family suffering. Depression is highly prevalent and affects employees’ concentration, decision-making skills and memory, contributing to accidents and quality issues. Analyses indicate that the returns on investment for workplace mental health programs are significant, with employers reporting lower productivity-related financial losses and less need staff turnover due to mental health conditions. The book also addresses substance use and misuse, and ways to address such problems.

Table of Contents

  1. Healthy Mind at Work: Challenges, Strategies and Rewards, John F. Greden, MD
  2. The Economic Costs of Depression in the Workplace, Kyle Grazier, PhD
  3. The Canadian Experience on the Way to the Digital Future, Sam Ozersky, MD
  4. Australian Experiences, Kym Jenkins, MD
  5. United Kingdom Experiences, Matthew Shaw
  6. Implementing an Economic Evaluation of a Workplace Mental Health Intervention —A Primer, Carolyn Dewa, MPH, PhD; Jeffrey Hoch, PhD
  7. Neuropsychiatric Aspects, Carol Persad, PhD; Raymond Lam, MD
  8. Depression and Anxiety in the Workplace, Sagar Parikh, MD, Vytas Velyvis, PhD, and Danielle Taubman, MPH
  9. Substance Abuse and Dependence, J. Wesley Boyd, PhD; Justine W Welsh, MD, Yoga Shentu      
  10. Suicide Prevention in the Workplace, Christine Moutier, MD; Maggie Mortali, MPH
  11. Work-Associated Trauma, Joshua C. Morganstein, MD; James C. West, MD; Robert  J. Ursano, MD
  12. Corporate Strategies – Health plan and Insurer’s Perspective, Hyong Un, MD
  13. Self-Care and Resilience: Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, and Emotional Intelligence,  Tony King, PhD