What We Do: Education & Outreach

Depression is a common illness that remains one of the most misunderstood, under-diagnosed and under-treated ailments affecting our society. When diagnosed and treated early, the majority of those with depressive illnesses are effectively treated and able to maintain wellness. However, stigma and misinformation remain devastating barriers, preventing far too many from seeking effective treatment.

Effective patient, public, and professional education empowers patients, families and communities to break through these obstacles. The U-M Depression Center serves as a source of reliable patient, family, public and provider education as part of our multi-service approach to care.

Depression leaves no community untouched.  Therefore, the Depression Center reaches out to unique populations touched by the range of depressive illnesses, establishing partnerships with the people and organizations who seek trusted information, practical strategies for wellness, as well as compassion, understanding, and acceptance. We provide resources, education, tools, and various services to individuals and communities, including college students, public school students and educators, veterans and military families, at-risk mothers and babies, and healthcare providers.