Toolkit Acknowledgements, Copyright, and Disclaimer


Project Leads/Editors

Danielle S. Taubman, MPH & Sagar V. Parikh, MD, FRCPC

Graphic Design

Jeremy Fallis

Advisors and Reviewers

Eisenberg Family Depression Center and Department of Psychiatry

Kat Bergman
Daniel DeSena, MSW
Rachel Fogelberg, LMSW
Polly Gipson, PhD
Chassi Jensen, LLMSW
Celeste Liebrecht, LMSW
Daniela Lopez, MS
Sara Marasco, LMSW
Melvin McInnis, MD
Kristen Miner, LMSW
Sharon Mudd, NP
Laura Nitzberg, LMSW
Michelle Riba, MD, MS
Sarah Rollins, LMSW
Lizelle Salazar, MPH
Stephanie Salazar, MPH
Alyssa Smith, MA
Jane Spinner, MSW, MBA
Stephan Taylor, MD
Ricks Warren, PhD
Kara Zivin, PhD
Eisenberg Family Depression Center Student Advisory Board

University of Michigan

Office of Patient Experience 
Patient and Family Centered Care eAdvisors (45 individuals)
Patient and Family Advisory Committee, with special thanks to Bob Nassaeur, Helen Darling, Leslie Criscenti
Ryan DeCook School of Social Work
Daniel Eisenberg, PhDSchool of Public Health
Amy Hyde, MILS Patient Education and Health Literacy 
Kori L. Jones, M.Ed
Karelyn Munro, BA, Patient Education and Health Literacy Program (PEHL)
Molly O’Brien, NAMI on Campus
Ruti Volk, MSI, AHIP, Patient Education and Health Literacy Program (PEHL)
Liz Zhang, MSW, MHSA, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Student Advisory Board

Mary Beth Beaudry, MSN, MPH, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Edie Douglas, MPH, Medical University of South Carolina 
Kara Glazer, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Holly Kastan, MSW, HSK Consulting, LLC
Stephanie Prechter, BBA
Barbara Schweizer, RN, BS, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Additional Thanks

Eisenberg Family Depression Center Leadership Team
John F. Greden, MD
Rosalind Garcia-Tosi, MPH, MSW, ScD
Developers of and contributors to the original Depression Toolkit, with special thanks to Friends of the U-M Hospitals and Health Centers, which provided a generous grant to support the Toolkit's initial creation. Friends is a non-profit community organization that has helped support patient care in the hospitals and health education in Ann Arbor since 1978.
All others who provided feedback and support.


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