Sleep Lab

The Sleep and Chronophysiology Lab

Investigating the relationship between sleep and depression

Most people with depressive and bipolar illnesses experience poor sleep – too little, too much, or sleep that is not restful or restorative. Sleep disturbances can also bring about new episodes of these illnesses.

The UMDC’s Sleep and Chronophysiology Laboratory is a world-class research facility that studies sleep and biological rhythms regulation from childhood through adulthood by measuring brain activity using a technology called electroencephalography, or EEG. The Sleep Lab’s goal is to discover and create more effective interventions that do not require medication so that people with depressive illnesses can improve their quality of life.

The Sleep Lab is equipped with comfortable, private bedrooms and shower facilities, a full kitchen, and a restful environment conducive to sleeping away from home. The lab includes two unique state-of-the-art chronophysiology labs to study the effects of light, sleep, and biological rhythms. Learn more about how the sleep lab works.