Research Innovation Core

Exploring creative, interdisciplinary approaches to mental health research 

The University of Michigan is home to brilliant and driven researchers with immense potential to transform the way we understand, prevent and treat depression and related illnesses. Significant breakthroughs will likely occur at the intersections of disciplines where investigators with diverse skill sets and perspectives can explore novel approaches and ideas.

The Research Innovation Core ignites groundbreaking research programs and interdisciplinary collaborations through initiatives and services that supports researchers’ creative potential. We are focused on supporting early-career, under-represented investigators, those working in large teams, and those at the frontiers of inventive research. Prioritizing these voices will support transdisciplinary work, effectively address mental health disparities and help retain research talent to reduce the burden of depression and bipolar disorders.

Upcoming Events

Psych Tank Research Funding Competition:
  Individual faculty or faculty teams will compete by pitching their innovative research idea for a chance of up to $150,000 in research funding. 

Apply now! Applications due July 11, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. EST

Dedicated Support and Funding Opportunities

Referrals to Research Resources – Launching soon!

 We help identify resources throughout the University of Michigan to assist the research process. Our staff is well-versed in programs, trainings, tools and other resources from the Office for the Vice President for Research, the Medical School Office of Research, and many other sources that can support investigators and advance their research programs.

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Grant Development & Finding Services

 We offer one-on-one support to help investigators find tailored grant opportunities based on their research projects and funding needs. Our members can receive personalized grant proposal consultation, editing, and reviewing services.

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Publication Support

  We support our members in writing, editing, reviewing and formatting articles for publication in academic journals. Our dedicated team can help members find appropriate journals to submit as well as announcements for concept papers that may be of interest.

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Eisenberg Family Depression Center Research Awards—Relaunching soon!

Our Center proudly fosters the work of promising investigators through various award programs. In supporting a new generation of investigators and promising pursuits of innovations, we strive to achieve breakthroughs that lead to more effective treatment and prevention strategies for depression and related illnesses.

The Eisenberg Family Depression Center has a twenty-year history of supporting research that advances our understanding of depression, helping drive the translation of discoveries into clinical applications and best practices to improve care.

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