Eisenberg Family Depression Center research draws from the expertise of investigators across the University of Michigan, one of the nation’s premier research institutions. Our researchers are committed to learning more about the causes of depression, bipolar disorder, and related conditions, preventing and treating those diseases, and helping people stay well.

Dynamic collaborations between researchers from more than 30 disciplines – including genetics, psychiatry, pediatrics, sociology, public health, biostatistics, computer science, and psychology – produce unique approaches to effectively answering difficult questions about how depressive illnesses develop and progress, and how to improve the health and quality of life of those affected and their families and friends.

There are many ways to help further the work of researchers who are studying depression and other mental health conditions, and one of the most important is as a research volunteer. Learn more about participating in mental health research at U-M and elsewhere.

Through donor-funded research awards, the Eisenberg Family Depression Center also supports promising projects and research investigators who are poised to make important advances in our knowledge of depression, bipolar disorder, and related conditions.