Memorial and Tribute Gifts

At the Depression Center, we are grateful to be the recipients of many gifts given in honor or memory of loved ones, many of whom have been touched in some way by depression, bipolar or a related illness. The Depression Center has the following ongoing memorials/tributes at this time. Names are listed in alphabetical order and the associated links will connect you with the particular fund/giving area that the family has selected as their preference for donations in their loved one's honor or memory. Please click on the name of your loved one to make a tribute gift.

If you do not see the name of the person you are looking for and would like to add it or establish a new ongoing tribute, or if you have questions, please contact Trisha Langkos in the UMHS Office of Medical Development at or (734) 763-1065.

Alternatively you can search Depression Center areas of support and make a tribute donation in any name.

Laura Michelle Adcock

Ashu Ailawadi

Jeffrey T. Andonian

David Luke Andrews

Todd Armstrong

Christina Barkley

Kelly Elizabeth Beld

Andrew Berry

Lynn Billings

Liza Jane Binder

Mind Over Matter: In Memory of Gail Boledovich

Michael Bradley

Justin Burson

Travis Christensen

Arnold Cohen

Isabel Ashley Cole

Matthew Cole

Joshua Patrick Cook

John W. Cooper

Mandy Crooks

Glen Cutty

Jeffrey Dickinson

Daniel J. Doyle

Shawn Eagen

Anthony Joseph Ettorre

May Lee Fatt

Eric Ferus

Patricia Fett

Gary L. Field

James Hamilton Field

Graydon Forrer

John W. Fowler

Joanna Garrett

Max Gray

Kevin Niles Griffith

Michael Guz

Michael T. Haenchen

Tom Harding

Sean Haviland

Lee Anne Hawkins

Brian Hawks

David Hayden

Nicholas Henri

Richard L. Hoyer

Mohammad Husain

George Roper Jansson

John Paul Jentelson

Melanie Ann Kahlich

Vickie Kiel

Bettyann (Sue) King

Jeffery Keith Kirkpatrick

Jack Klink

Erik S. Kraynek

Samuel Lanckton

Roy LaParl

Dr. Herbert G. Levin

Dr. Judy Goldstein Lieberman

Robert George Lilly

Corinne Lombari

Nancy Corinne Lombardi

Sarah (Berry) MacDonald

Marcus Macintosh

Sean MacLeod

Dustin T. McCauley

Christopher McDowell

E. Sumner Meredith

Richard S. Noble

Michael Nowak

Iain Sedgeman OCain

Patricia O'Connor

Frederick Phelps

Frank DeWitt Pitkin III

Danny Pittman

Heinz C. Prechter

Ian Burton Rice

Miles Roberts

Gregory Robin

Jeffrey C. Robinson

Garrick P. Roemer

Sandra Ellen Rybicki

Steven M. Schwartzberg

Kurt V. Shaulis

Douglas James Sheppard

Dr. Albert J. Silverman

Michael Jason Smith

Dr. Michael Louis Smith

Kenneth Stein

Berneil Stephen Memorial Fund

Joshua Judson Stern

Graham Stingley

Charles Kirby Tanguay

Kirk Teeple

Christopher A. Thornton

Rachel A. Tiedke

Sylvia Ann Tillman

Lynn Marie Uroda

Andrew Vrabel

Brenda Wallot

Jonathan White

Hal Whittaker

The Williams Family Fund: In Memory of Sara and Chad

James R. Wills

Lynn V. Wilson

John T. Wolff, Jr.

Matthew Wirt

Nancy Woodworth

Robert N. Woodworth

David C. Young

Katherine `Katie` Hilary Zack

Kelly Zimmerman