What is M-Strides?

M-Strides is a web-based system to help measure and monitor your condition over the course of treatment. As a U-M patient, you may be asked to log in on a regular basis and follow a series of personalized prompts, answering questions about the feelings, behaviors, symptoms and side effects you may have experienced between appointments. After each M-Strides online “session,” an updated graph is generated to provide a visual picture of your progress that you and your care team can review at your next appointment.

Security is a top priority of M-Strides – information is collected on a HIPAA-compliant, secure site that can be accessed only by your care team. A staff member will provide you with more information about M-Strides, and you will receive a secure user name and password and easy-to-follow instructions for putting M-Strides to work for you.

Login to the M-Strides System (Turn off your browser's pop-up blocker first!)