Many ways to contribute, many ways to make a difference

Every patient and visitor who comes to the Eisenberg Family Depression Center is valued and respected. Every research volunteer is an integral part of the search for answers that can improve mental health care. Every advocate for depression education, outreach, and enhanced public policy is enthusiastically welcomed. And your financial support is also instrumental in helping us achieve our mission.

We are an organization built on the talents of individuals from a variety of backgrounds working together to bring an end to the suffering caused by depression, bipolar disorder, and related illnesses. Through your engagement and support we can truly make an impact on these diseases and offer hope to those who live with them.

Give Now

For information about supporting the Eisenberg Family Depression Center or to make a gift, please contact:

Nancy Davis Director of Development Eisenberg Family Depression Center 1000 Oakbrook, Ste. 100 Ann Arbor, MI 48104 (734) 763-4858


A note about naming: 

We recognize the generosity of our donors in many ways, in keeping with the university’s guidelines. Two prominent examples are the Eisenberg Family Depression Center, which is a campus-wide center with no single physical location and members from many schools and colleges, and the Rachel Upjohn Building, which houses outpatient care, research and events for a broad range of mental health disciplines based in the Department of Psychiatry. From professorships to lectures, and research programs to hospital units, namings may honor those who have given to support our work, or whose legacy or work has inspired others to give. For all of these gifts, we express our heartfelt appreciation.