Depression Care Management and Education (M-DOCC)


The mission of the Michigan Depression Outreach and Collaborative Care program is to provide education and care management support to both patients and clinicians that will lead to earlier identification and effective treatment of depression, improve health outcomes, improve patient self-management of depression and improve quality of life.

Purpose of M-DOCC

  • To assist patients by monitoring their response to treatment through regularly scheduled phone calls and providing a feedback report to treating clinicians.
  • To provide support, education, and self-management skills
  • To prevent or minimize future episodes of mental health problems.

How does M-DOCC benefit patients?

  • By monitoring mental health symptoms, treating clinicians are better able to determine more effective treatment options for patients.
  • More effective treatment can help patients move closer to recovery. Incomplete treatment often leads to recurrent & more serious episodes of mental illness.
  • Patients can build skills that will assist in managing mental health. This can help prevent recurrence and allow patients to function at their best level.

The Care Manager is available to:

  • Be a source of support to patients
  • Guide patients in identifying mental health resources
  • Monitor mental health outcome scores and provide patients and their treating clinicians feedback about their response to treatment
  • Address questions and concerns, Care Managers are available Monday-Friday 8:00am-6:00 pm

Patients Participate By:

  • Completing scheduled follow-up calls
  • Monitoring their symptoms by completing their depression questionnaire by phone, online or by mail
  • Learning & practicing self-management skills to help manage their illness over time and prevent recurrence.
  • Notifying their care manager if they have treatment concerns
  • Attending all scheduled appointments with their treating clinician

M-DOCC is available to patients that receive their primary care from the following UMHS locations:

  • Briarwood Family Medicine
  • Brighton Health Center
  • Canton Health Center
  • Chelsea Health Center
  • Dexter Family Medicine
  • Family Medicine at Domino Farms
  • East Ann Arbor Health Center
  • Livonia Health Center
  • Saline Health Center
  • Taubman Health Center
  • West Ann Arbor Health Center
  • Ypsilanti Health Center

M-DOCC is also available to patients at the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry and Depression Center who are transferring their mental health care to their UMHS primary care physician.

Contact M-DOCC Care Managers By: