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Depression Center Racial Injustice RFA

Systemic long-term racial injustices negatively impact the mental health of those who experience them. The University of Michigan Depression Center seeks proposals for  funding that improve understanding and offer strategies that counteract the array of stresses, sleep disturbances and major mental health consequences of discriminatory experiences and racial inequities. Funds must be used to further research on the reduction of any aspect of mental health consequences of injustice research. Preference is given to proposals that are ready to be implemented and tested.


This opportunity is available to Depression Center members who are students, residents, fellows, post-doctoral candidates, faculty members including research faculty, lecturers or any rank up to full Professor.

Funding and Project Duration:

The award amount for students, residents, fellows, and post-doctoral candidates is $20,000. The award for faculty is $35,000. The award will be contingent on IRB approval. The award period is one year.

Deadline: July 10, 2020

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