Collaborative Care (MDOCC)

Michigan Depression Outreach & Collaborative Care (MDOCC)

What is the M-DOCC program?

A telephone-based depression management program using experienced mental health social workers as care managers who work on behalf of the patient’s primary care team and provide them with direct feedback on patient progress.

Which patients are eligible?

All adult patients with depression (either diagnosed or suspected), at any stage of treatment, including those with additional psychiatric diagnoses. Patients may be referred from any UMHS primary care clinic, regardless of their insurance status.

How can M-DOCC help your patients?

M-DOCC provides adult patients with support, education, and monitoring, engaging them through regular phone calls and self-care information delivered by mail or email. Participants practice self-management skills, complete scheduled follow-up calls, and raise any treatment concerns with their care manager. Services are free of charge to enrolled patients, who may opt out of the program at any time. M-DOCC is intended to provide long-term, targeted, and flexible support.

How is UMHS primary care involved?

M-DOCC participants continue to attend all scheduled primary care appointments, and the program shares summary reports of outcomes measures with you and your patients.

How has M-DOCC improved depression management?

Over 3,700 patients have been enrolled in M-DOCC since 2003. Participating patients have shown significantly better remission rates and increases in work productivity compared to usual care.

How can I refer a patient to M-DOCC?

Call: (734) 936-8706

Clinicians can refer their patients via email or via MiChart Order/Referral search “MDOCC.”

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