Campus Mind Works

Campus Mind Works is a joint program between the Eisenberg Family Depression Center and the College of Engineering that provides resources to U-M students with depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety.

The Campus Mind Works website was designed to simplify access to the wide variety of mental health and academic support resources at the University of Michigan, and provide information to help students stay healthy and manage college life.

The website’s goal is to:

  • Provide resources and information to help U-M students succeed in college while managing a psychiatric disorder
  • Provide information for families, faculty, staff, and students focusing on ways to support a U-M student with a psychiatric disorder
  • Facilitate access to psychiatric services for the subset of U-M students who have ongoing psychiatric disorders

The Campus Mind Works program also provides facilitated drop-in support groups for University of Michigan students that are open to any U-M student who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, depression, and/or chronic anxiety, or anyone interested in obtaining more information about these issues. These groups are generally offered twice a month October – April and feature presentations and Q & A sessions focusing on topics which impact student mental health.

During the sessions, students and facilitators discuss the challenges faced when coping with depression, anxiety, and mood swings; share successful strategies for managing illness in the context of college life; and connect with other students who may have similar experiences. A full schedule is available on the website.

In partnership with schools and colleges of the University of Michigan, each year the Eisenberg Family Depression Center organizes national conference on depression in people of college age. Visit the Depression on College Campuses webpages to learn more.