Eisenberg Family Depression Center Fellowship

With a gift from our National Advisory Board, the Eisenberg Family Depression Center established the Eisenberg Family Depression Center Fellowship program. The purpose of this unique program is to facilitate collaborative relationships for a range of professionals and for U-M faculty and staff members to further the understanding and treatment of depression and bipolar illnesses. The first recipient of the award is Matthew Shaw, U.K. Deployment Editor for BBC News. His project is titled Dealing with Depression within Newsrooms.

Matthew Shaw

Matthew Shaw UK Deployment Editor (BBC News) Eisenberg Family Depression Center Fellow, 2016

As Deployment Editor for the BBC’s UK newsgathering operation, I sit at the main news desk at the center of Europe’s largest newsroom and run a team of senior journalists - assigning correspondents, reporters, producers, camera crews and other resources around the UK and Ireland.

I chase news stories, assemble teams, manage crises and lead the coverage of UK stories across many multimedia news outlets.

In a BBC career spanning three decades, I have been at the heart of some of the UK’s biggest news stories – from the death of Diana to the 7/7 bombings.

I was on the original launch team of the BBC’s first domestic 24-hour news TV Channel and led a British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) nominated team for domestic news coverage.

Currently a Knight-Wallace Fellow at the University of Michigan, I am studying depression in our newsrooms – how we care for journalists with depression, how we can create better working environments and how we can cover the subject more intelligently in the media.