2020-21 P2P Middle School

Ann Arbor Open

“It’s Okay Not To Be Okay – Reach Out!”

  • Continued posting on Instagram (@a2o_p2p) to share facts about mental health, coping strategies, and mental health resources
  • Created a mental health educational presentation that P2P members will be able to present to 5th-8th grade classes in the 2021-2022 school year
  • Created community and continuity with engaging biweekly P2P meetings


Beach Middle School

“Depression is real, share how you feel” and “#EndStigma”

  • Continued posting on Instagram (@bms_p2p) to promote mental health awareness, share resources, and provide words of encouragement
  • Collaborated with local chapter of SRSLY to create posters promoting mental health awareness and share with the Chelsea community
  • Created and utilized P2P virtual zoom backgrounds to spread awareness of P2P and its members
  • Designed and distributed stylus pens and stickers with their slogan to all BMS students during lunch, which included an educational speech about mental health and P2P


Clague Middle School

“Depression is Real, Hope is Real Too - When in Doubt, Talk it Out”

  • Consistently met over Zoom to plan P2P campaign
  • Attended Depression Center booster sessions
  • Voted on new slogan:“Depression is Real, Hope is Real Too - When in Doubt, Talk it Out”
  • Created three short mental health commercials to be shown in advisory classes which addressed:

○        What depression is

○        Signs and symptoms of depression

○        How to navigate to the counseling webpage

○        How to help others struggling with mental health

○        Local mental health resources

○        Signs of depression on social media

  • Created a Kahoot game to be played in advisory classes after watching mental health commercials to reinforce core messaging concepts
  • Read and reviewed mental health-themed books from the new Clague Mental Health Library, which is available in-person and virtually
  • Purchased physical copies of students’ favorite mental-health themed books to stock the mobile Clague Mental Health Library, as well as a shelf with wheels to move around the school



Forsythe Middle School

“Treat Mental Illness Like a Broken Bone”

  • Created a P2P Mental Health tab on Schoology which included links for:
    • Information about P2P
    • Resources
    • Forsythe support staff
    • Self-care tools
    • Positive messages
    • Depression symptoms
    • Distributed bracelets with their slogan to raise awareness about mental illness and share information about the P2P group
    • Passed out laptop stickers with the Community Mental Health 24/7 CARES line
    • Video and classroom presentations about signs and symptoms of depression/anxiety and where to seek help


Lincoln Middle School

  • P2P students created a video to share as part of a virtual educational event for Lincoln Consolidated Schools stakeholders, including students and parents, highlighting available resources and programming in the area
  • Team facilitated virtual and hybrid classroom presentations with information about depression/anxiety and resources
  • Organized a raffle for students who actively participated in presentations
  • Distributed lanyards that couldn’t be distributed last year due to COVID-19 pandemic


Milan Middle School

“Pain is SO real, but so is HOPE”

  • First year participating in Peer-to-Peer
  • Designed wristbands with their school colors and slogans to distribute next year
  • Created a Kahoot game to test student knowledge about mental health
  • Started creating a mental health classroom presentation that will be presented next fall to classes
  • Plan on raffling off gift cards to those who engage with Kahoot game and classroom presentation this fall



Scarlett Middle School

“Sometimes It’s More Than Just a Bad Day”

  • Distributed 750 pencils with their slogan
  • Shared mental health messaging and resources via their Instagram (@scarlettp2p), including hosting a promotion to increase reach
  • Ongoing counselor-led lessons and activities incorporated into advisory lessons
  • Virtual mental health presentation that addressed the impact of the COVID-19 on mental health, isolation, and anxiety related to return to in-person learning


Slauson Middle School

“Stigma Hurts, Awareness Helps”

  • Designed a P2P Schoology Badge that was put in place of teacher badges for class for one week to promote P2P
  • Created video announcements about the four core messages and was shared school-wide in Advisory classes


Tappan Middle School

“Depression…You Can’t Just Snap Out of It”

  • Team continued to meet with the goal to raise awareness about depression, share resources, and educate their classmates
  • Hosted an all-school virtual assembly with two college students who shared their experiences with mental health struggles and help-seeking which included time for Q&A
  • Distributed 800 wristbands with their slogan
  • Shared mental health messaging and resources regularly via their Instagram (@tapp2p)


Washtenaw International Middle Academy

“You don’t have to struggle in silence”


  • Brought P2P members together to brainstorm mental health awareness campaign ideas for the future