2020-21 P2P High School

Community High School

“COVID won’t keep us down – reach out!”

  • Continued utilizing Instagram (@chsdag) introducing DAG members, self-care strategies, and mental health resources
  • Held self-care challenge where students submitted videos, pictures, and descriptions of how they take care of themselves. These submissions were shown during forum classes along with mental health resources available outside of school before winter break encouraging students to practice self-care
  • Created insert for the school’s Communicator Magazine distributed around January finals time. The insert included P2P core messages, a list of depression/anxiety symptoms, and mental health resources available
  • Hosted a storytelling webinar event for the whole school where two DAG students and a U-M student shared their personal stories and Dr. Dopp shared depression/anxiety symptoms as well as strategies for self-care. Each of the panelists answered questions from the audience the last half of the event


Early College Alliance

“No one should be left in the dark!”

  • Continued posting on Instagram (@eca_peer2peer) self-care strategies during the pandemic, mental health facts, words of encouragement, and mental health resources
  • Held mental health postcard design contest
  • Distributed student-designed postcard to the entire student body including messages of hope, 24/7 crisis numbers, self-care tips, and Instagram information
  • Hosted a mental health 101 presentation where Heather Dakki, LMSW presented depression and anxiety facts and answered questions. After the presentation, they did a Kahoot to test participants’ knowledge and the top three winners won prizes


Huron High School

“Self-care isn’t Selfish”

  • Designed vinyl stickers with their slogan “Self-Care isn’t Selfish” and distributed them at second semester book pick-up
  • Consistently posted educational content and motivational messages to @huron_p2p Instagram account
  • Posted a series of Art Prompts to the P2P Instagram account to encourage students to create art based on different mental health themes (i.e. mindfulness, connection, creature comforts)
  • Created a 15-minute video that included staff and student mental health stories, local mental health resources, self-care advice, information on how to help struggling peers, and common symptoms of depression

○        Video was distributed to all Advisory classes


Lincoln High School

“Not All Struggles Are Visible #YouAreVISIBLE”

  • P2P students created a video to share as part of a virtual educational event for Lincoln Consolidated Schools stakeholders, including students and parents, highlighting available resources and programming in the area
  • Counselors, social workers, and P2P members facilitated weekly SEL lessons during homeroom
  • Handed out facemasks with the P2P logo and #YouAreVISIBLE
  • Created yard signs with their slogan, positive messages, and crisis resources that were distributed them throughout the district community


Michigan Islamic Academy

“With commUNITY comes peace, with hardship comes ease”

  • P2P team continued to meet virtually every week with the aim to plan a campaign focused on raising awareness about different types of mental illnesses and reducing stigma.
  • Additional goals to support effective student and staff communication, new student outreach, and coping skills to deal with isolation and loneliness
  • Conducted their own survey to look at the impact of COVID-19 on mental health (109 responses); used the results, along with their 2020 P2P results, to help inform their campaign
  • Hosted monthly virtual mental health talks which included interactive activities like Kahoot quizes; Topics covered:
    • Academic integrity
    • Body image
    • Eating disorders
    • Self-harm
    • Continued to post mental health information and resources on their social media page regularly (@peer2peermia)


Milan High School


  • Created an Instagram account (@milanp2p) promoting a different mental health theme and P2P core message every month using the same hashtag to tie it together (December – The holidays aren’t always happy, January – Your story isn’t over yet, February – You are not alone, March – Pain is real, hope is too, April – Help is around the corner)
  • Hosted a school-wide kahoot game on their asynchronous day testing students’ mental health knowledge. Two rounds were done and the top six winners received prizes
  • Designed pins, wristbands, and stickers that said “Milan Peer 2 Peer Mental Health Awareness 1-800-273-8255”
  • Distributed giveaways from last year and this year during mental health resource tables at lunch

Pioneer High School

“Connection is the Key”

  • Continued posting on Instagram (@aapioneerp2p)
  • Designed and distributed postcards to entire student body with slogan, P2P core messages, mental health resources, and a list of stress-relieving activities and apps
  • Conducted school-wide mental health screener with referrals to community mental health and other community resources as appropriate. P2P members followed up with students that screened for needing P2P support
  • Held “open” P2P gatherings via Zoom


Saline High School

“There is Hope Even When Your Brain Tells You There Isn’t”

  • Completed a mural on the wall in a high traffic area, with the message “Depression and anxiety are real. You can’t just snap out of it.”
  • Posted a series of Instagram messages with information, resources, and coping skills (@salinep2p)
  • Distributed 250 bottles of hand sanitizer with the P2P logo and the Suicide Prevention Lifeline to students throughout the school
  • Gave out 500 screen cleaners with their slogan, There is hope even when your brain tells you there isn’t


Skyline High School

“Eagles vs. Stigma”

  • Distributed P2P laptop stickers, along with bookmarks with signs/symptoms of depression and anxiety, how to help a friend, and resources to all students at book pick up
  • Shared mental health messaging and resources via Instagram (@peer2peerskyline)
  • Distributed Eagles vs. Stigma t-shirts to every student (printed last year, but previously unable to distribute due to COVID-19 shutdown)
  • Created a mental health resources page
  • Attended the Youth Summit on Suicide Conference
  • Began partnership with the Miles Jeffrey Roberts Foundation and hope to create a peer counseling program in the future


Washtenaw Alliance for Virtual Education


  • Put together and distributed mental health care bags with the P2P logo to all 250 students in the school (delivered to individual homes)
  • Bags included hot chocolate, fidgets, local and national resources, and mental health education
  • Started a podcast to highlight mental health information and local resources


Washtenaw Technical Middle College

“Trust to Discuss”

  • Continued to meet virtually as a team regularly during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Created lanyards with their slogan and the crisis text line information
  • Created four different laptop sticker designs that were distributed during book drop off/pick-up and for in-person students to take when on campus
  • Shared giveaways during SAT exam
  • Shared mental health messaging and resources via their Instagram account (@wtmcp2p)


Whitmore Lake Middle and High School



  • Created an Instagram account (@wl.p2p) and advertised school P2P activities, featured P2P student members, as well as mental health facts and resources
  • Hosted a mental health spirit week before Spring Break with different themed days (e.g. Mental Health Monday, Trojan Pride Tuesday (Community Day), Wellness Wednesday (Community Days, Thursday Coping Skills, Fancy Friday)
  • Designed and distributed wristbands to all students with the message “Fight the Stigma. Help is here. @wl.p2p” written on them
  • Designed and distributed stress balls to all students with the school’s custom P2P logo and their slogan #StrongerTogether
  • Encouraged Instagram engagement by raffling off gift cards to students who commented on their Wellness Wednesday post
  • Attended Youth Suicide Summit and learned more about suicide and mental health virtually with other schools throughout the state


Washtenaw International High School

“It’s okay to not be okay”


  • Continued posting on Instagram (@wihip2p) to introduce P2P members, share  mental health resources, tips to support peers, coping techniques, and more
  • Held a school-wide Mindfulness Bingo contest to encourage students to engage in mindful self-care and promote P2P
  • Created WIHI Peer-to-Peer website that introduces P2P and shares mental health awareness past campaign materials, national and school mental health information, educational and mindfulness resources, and words of encouragement by WIHI students and staff
  • P2P members changed their Zoom profile picture for the month of January to promote P2P and offer support to peers