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Participate in Sleep Research

We need volunteers to be involved in our research examining the relationship between depressive disorders and sleep. We have a strong interest in the biological risk factors for depression and how a major depressive disorder can affect the sleep of both children and adults. Insomnia and biological rhythm problems are also a focus of our clinical service and research program.

Participate in Research at the Sleep and Chronophysiology LaboratoryMost of our studies require a minimum of two overnight sleep studies.

General Eligibility Requirements for Research Participation

  • Generally medically healthy
  • Ability to participate in psychiatric evaluation (approximately 1-2 hours)
  • Ability to spend 1-4 consecutive nights in the Sleep Lab (varies with study)

Studies currently seeking participants:

Development of an Insomnia Treatment for Adolescents with Depression

To develop a treatment for depressed adolescents with insomnia. Learn more

A new sleep strategy to help depression treatment in adolescents

To learn how evening light exposure affects depressed teens Learn more

Hypnotic discontinuation and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

The purpose of the study is to use a non-medication therapy for insomnia to help people stop taking their sleeping pill. Learn more


Call the Mental Health Research line at (734) 232-0255, or visit to learn more about these and other opportunities to participate in sleep research.