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Establishing Moderators and Biosignatures of Antidepressant Response for Clinical Care  - EMBARC

This is a landmark study in depression sponsored by the National Institute of Health and performed at four major academic centers in the USA, Columbia University, University of Michigan, Massachusetts General Hospital, and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.  The collaborative group includes experts in neuroimaging at Pittsburgh University and State University of New York at Stony Brook, there are teams of experts focused on electrophysiology and EEG measures of brain wave activity.  This program aims to identify biological markers or signatures that predict if and how an individual with depression will respond to an antidepressant.  There are collaborative treatment trials ongoing at the four clinical sites.  This program is unique in the depth and detail of study of individuals with depression.  The study design ensures that all study participants will be ultimately treated with an antidepressant.

Visit the EMBARC study web site for more information.




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