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The University of Michigan Depression Center is the first ever multi-disciplinary center dedicated to research, education, and treatment of depressive and bipolar illnesses. We bring together world-class resources from the U-M Health System and nearly all U-M schools and colleges. Stay up to date with the latest news from the center through these resources:


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In the News

  • University offers screenings on Oct. 9, National Depression Screening Day
  • U-M part of effort to study genetics of two mental health disorders
  • Personalized screen to identify suicidal teens in 14 ERs
  • Slow to mature, quick to distract: ADHD brain study finds slower development of key connections
  • Losing a Healing Voice
  • Learning the smell of fear: Mothers teach babies their own fears via odor, U-M research finds
  • University of Michigan Receives NCAA Grant for Student-Athlete Mental Health Project
  • Dr. Kenneth Silk discusses Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in Chicago Tribune
  • May, 2014: Postpartum Depression Awareness Month
  • Listening to bipolar disorder: Smartphone app detects mood swings via voice analysis