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Making a difference through patient education

UPDATE newsletterThe Depression Center was awarded a generous gift in 2009 from the Friends of the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers (Friends) to help us expand our patient education program. The comprehensive depression education program implemented with this support allows us to reach thousands of patients, families, and community members who might not otherwise have access to important health information and educational resources.

Key components of this Friends-sponsored program include a quarterly newsletter (Update) with useful information devoted to patient education, research progress, and prevention-specific news, and a collection of patient materials that complement with the wide range of materials made available throughout the greater U-M Health System

Twenty percent of America’s population is affected by depression or bipolar disorder. Most of those suffering have a limited understanding of how to reduce the impact of their illnesses, and the steps that they can take to help manage symptoms and maintain wellness. “We are committed to continuing our support long term,” says Nancy Bates, former President of Friends. “The Depression Center programs reach out, educate and change lives every day, and we are honored to have a part in the mission of reaching as many people as possible through education and stigma reduction.”

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