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Memorial and Tribute Gifts

People make gifts to the UM Depression Center for a variety of reasons, most often because of the profound satisfaction that comes from making a difference in people’s lives. While people rarely make donations purely for recognition, we see recognition as a worthy objective, and a wonderful opportunity for us to publicly thank donors for their generosity to the Depression Center. Donor recognition can also serve as a powerful statement against the stigma associated with mental illness and inspire others to give as well.

The Rachel Upjohn Building, which houses the Depression Center, displays a beautiful donor wall that recognizes and thanks our major benefactors. We also produce an annual report honoring all who have made a contribution to our efforts.

Many naming opportunities are available within the Rachel Upjohn Building. A gift to fund a room, wing or an entire building offers the opportunity to have your name or the name of a family member, friend, teacher, or mentor associated in perpetuity with the Depression Center.

Find out more by contacting Trisha Langkos at or (734) 763-1065.

UM Depression Center
Memorial Funds

As of Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Laura Michelle Adcock

Ashu Ailawadi

Jeffrey T. Andonian

David Luke Andrews

Todd Armstrong

Christina Barkley

Kelly Elizabeth Beld

Andrew Berry

Lynn Billings

Michael Bradley

Justin Burson

Travis Christensen

Arnold Cohen

Matthew Cole

John W. Cooper

Mandy Crooks

Glen Cutty

Jeffrey Dickinson

Daniel J. Doyle

Shawn Eagen

Anthony Joseph Ettorre

Eric Ferus

Patricia Fett

Gary L. Field

John W. Fowler

Joanna Garrett

Max Gray

Kevin Niles Griffith

Michael Guz

Michael T. Haenchen

Sean Haviland

Lee Anne Hawkins

Brian Hawks

David Hayden

Richard L. Hoyer

Mohammad Husain

George Roper Jansson

Melanie Ann Kahlich

Vickie Kiel

Bettyann (Sue) King

Jeffery Keith Kirkpatrick

Samuel Lanckton

Roy LaParl

Dr. Herbert G. Levin

Dr. Judy Goldstein Lieberman

Robert George Lilly

Nancy Corrine Lombardi

Sarah (Berry) MacDonald

Sean MacLeod

Dustin T. McCauley

Christopher McDowell

Richard S. Noble

Iain Sedgeman OCain

Patricia OConnor

Frank DeWitt Pitkin III

Danny Pittman

Heinz C. Prechter

Gregory Robin

Garrick P. Roemer

Sandra Ellen Rybicki

Steven M. Schwartzberg

Kurt V. Shaulis

Douglas James Sheppard

Dr. Michael Louis Smith

Berneil Stephen Memorial Fund

Joshua Judson Stern

Graham Stingley

Charles Kirby Tanguay

Kirk Teeple

Christopher A. Thornton

Rachel A. Tiedke

Sylvia Ann Tillman

Lynn Marie Uroda

Brenda Wallot

Hal Whittaker

The Williams Family Fund: In Memory of Sara and Chad

James R. Wills

Lynn V. Wilson

Jenny Marie Wingate

John T. Wolff, Jr.

Robert N. Woodworth

David C. Young

Katherine `Katie` Hilary Zack

Kelly Zimmerman