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Dec 8 National Conferences: American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry

Dec 14 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Regulation and functions of brain cholinergic systems: translational research approaches

Dec 15 Other: 2016 Prechter Bipolar Research Retreat

Dec 16 Community Event: Youth Mental Health First Aid

Jan 4 Other: Academic Staff Meeting

Jan 4 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: DataBlitz

Jan 11 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: What Psychiatry Should Know About Contemporary Health Policy

Jan 18 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: MLK Lecture

Jan 18 Community Event: Mind/Game Screening

Feb 1 Other: Academic Staff Meeting

Feb 1 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Sylvia Martins, MD, PhD

Feb 3 National Conferences: International Neuropsychological Society

Feb 15 Other: Depression Center Membership Retreat

Feb 22 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Early Career Faculty--Aislinn Williams, PhD & Leslie Swanson, PhD

Mar 9 National Conferences: American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training

Mar 20 Community Event: Depression on College Campus

Mar 22 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Greden Lectureship--Eric Nestler, MD, PhD

Mar 24 National Conferences: American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry

Mar 30 National Conferences: American Association of Suicidology

Apr 6 National Conferences: Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Apr 6 National Conferences: American Society of Addiction Medicine

May 18 National Conferences: Society of Biological Psychiatry

May 18 National Conferences: American Geriatrics Society

May 20 National Conferences: American Psychiatric Association

May 30 National Conferences: Society for Prevention Research

Jun 3 National Conferences: SLEEP (Joint meeting of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society)

Jun 7 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Senior Paper Day

Jun 8 National Conferences: American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology

Jun 8 National Conferences: Academy for Eating Disorders

Jun 14 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Fellow Presentations

Jun 15 National Conferences: Association of Directors of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry

Jun 17 National Conferences: College on Problems of Drug Dependence

Jun 24 National Conferences: Research Society on Alcoholism

Aug 3 National Conferences: American Psychological Association

Sep 6 National Conferences: Association of Academic Psychiatry