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School-based depression education and outreach collaborations

Early recognition and management of depression can help better prevent negative outcomes and tragedy among young people in our schools and our communities. Since the peak onset of depression and bipolar symptoms is between 15 - 24 years of age, increased awareness of depression among this age group is the first step toward implementing effective intervention.

Since 2007, the Depression Center has collaborated with school districts locally, across the state, and nationally to develop depression awareness and suicide prevention education, training, and support programs for school personnel, students, and the community. These initiatives are designed to:

  1. Address the need for early recognition of depression, bipolar disorder and risk for suicide among youth;
  2. Further educate teachers, counselors, mental health professionals, and other “front line” personnel working with young people to raise their awareness and knowledge of depressive and bipolar illnesses and suicide risk factors.

Read more about ongoing partnerships with Ann Arbor Public Schools and Byram Hills (N.Y.) High School.

An earlier collaboration between the Depression Center and Gull Lake Community Schools continues to serve as a model for our active partnerships. This initiative focused on youth depression and suicide prevention and incorporated nationally recognized “best practices” into the training and education of staff and students.