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Depression on College Campuses 2014

Connections between Mental Health and Academic Outcomes | Panel Discussion


Amelia M. Arria, PhD, Associate Professor, Director, Center on Young Adult Health and Development, University of Maryland School of Public Health, Department of Behavioral and Community Health; Joseph M Behen, PhD, Executive Director, Counseling Health and Disability Services, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Daniel Eisenberg, PhD, Associate Professor, Health Management and Policy, School of Public Health, University of Michigan; Sara Goldrick-Rab, PhD, Associate Professor of Educational Policy Studies and Sociology, University of Wisconsin, Madison

How does student mental health fit into the educational missions of colleges and universities? This panel will discuss research indicating that depression and other mental health conditions are strong predictors of academic outcomes such as GPA and persistence in college. The panel will also discuss how this kind of research has been used in discussions with university presidents and other higher education administrators.