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University Advisory Committee

The University Advisory Committee (UAC) has been established to help align the Center’s strategic direction with University, School and Health System missions, to benefit from synergistic partnerships with interested University constituencies, and to assure that the Depression Center is truly a University-wide enterprise.  The UAC works with Center leadership to help promote and achieve the Center’s overall organizational, programmatic and resource growth and development, and to help support meaningful campus and extramural relationships and collaborations.



John E. Billi, M.D.
Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, Medical School
Professor, Department of Internal Medicine


Margaret M. Calarco, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Director and
Chief of Nursing Services, UMHS
Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, School of Nursing


Valerie P. Castle, M.D.
Chair and Ravitz Foundation Professor of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases


Jeffrey B. Halter, M.D.
Professor of Internal Medicine
Director, Geriatrics Center


Timothy R.B. Johnson, M.D.
Professor and Chair
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

  Laura Lein, Ph.D.
Dean and Collegiate Professor of Social Work
School of Social Work


Marvin G. Parnes, M.S.W.
Associate Vice President for Research and Executive Director of Research Administration


Martin Philbert, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Public Health
Professor of Toxicology


Kathleen Potempa, Ph.D.
Professor and Dean
School of Nursing


Alan R. Saltiel, Ph.D.
Director, Life Sciences Institute
John Jacob Abel Professor of Internal Medicine


James G. Stevenson, Pharm.D.
Professor and Associate Dean
College of Pharmacy


Max S. Wicha, M.D.
Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center
Professor, Department of Internal Medicine


John W. Wiley, M.D.
Director, General Clinical Research Center
Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine


Robert A. Winfield, M.D.
Director, University Health Service
Chief Health Officer